Who Am I

Well, there’s a bit more to me than that, but as a profession and passion, I’m a full-blown Head of SEO. I earn 100% of my income from SEO-focused endeavors, including affiliate marketing, client ranking, as well as SEO services. I put a high value on balancing work and social life. I love my friends.

What I Do

When I’m not nerding out on the computer, I’m hanging out with my fam-friends. Aside from travel, I love hip hop. I’ve been immersed in the hip hop music and concrete street futsal since 15. I’m not so active in “the scene” anymore, but if I’m out and nice beat comes on, you can count on me hittin’ the mic in no time. Last by not least, I’m a student of yoga and meditation. I practice for at least 3 times per week, or every morning during weekend.

Living as an SEO

My former career as a mechanical engineer groomed my brain for SEO. When I was working for “the man,” I learned how to properly create accurate tests. I learned how to analyze results with an impartial eye and extract the essential data. And I learned how to avoid being tricked by false positives.
These late night projects were my first glimpse into making money online through the medium of SEO. I was hooked. I was the first time in my life where I actually experienced pleasure while working.
As time went on, more partnerships were formed and I teamed up with two good friends of mine on a massive scale affiliate SEO project.
I wanted to focus more on combining my passions with business. Namely, using test methodology to crack into the algorithm and really understand its parts. My life it’s based on the lifestyle, which means the clients are the present, and the lifestyle is the future. Since I was young, I’ve always enjoyed helping others. Especially when it comes to finding success in their lives. If I can help others achieve the same, I consider that a life worth living.
Darko Ivanoski
SEO Wizard

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